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Environmental Compliance Information for the Automobile Recycling Industry

Environmental Compliance Information for the Automobile Recycling Industry

Environmental Compliance Information for the Automobile Industry

 The ECAR Center
Environmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers-is a website designed by and for people in the automotive recycling business.

Professional automotive recyclers can also use this site to find answers to questions such as:

  • How do I know what an environmental inspector looks for at my facility?
  • How can I better follow the rules so as not to jeopardize my business?
  • If changes are necessary, can I actually save money by incorporating some of these modifications?

On the site, you will find detailed information about the environmental rules relating to the automobile industry in your state. Select your state, and then look for the topic area of interest to you. Topic areas are arranged the way you might find them in a recycling yard. You will first see a picture of the outside of the yard-click on the picture to find out about typical outside activities (such as the vehicle crusher), or click on a building to see details of what operations are carried out inside them. Each selection will take you to a fact sheet with a plain language explanation of the rules, some suggestions on the most efficient and economical way to comply with the rules, and links to more information if you need it.









Like many businesses, automotive recycling facilities are subject to federal, state and local environmental laws. The ECAR Tour is designed to provide a state-by-state breakdown of the requirements that apply specifically to industry activities.

  To comply with the rules that apply to your business, take the ECAR Tour by clicking here to go to the page to select your state from a pull-down list.

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Other resources on the ECAR website:

Auto Recycling Plain Language Guide to Regulations, Solid/Hazardous Waste Management. This guide, which focuses on the "federal" requirements for hazardous waste management, specifically addresses the wastes associated with auto recycling.


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