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European Environmental & Safety Information

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Here are links to sources of environmental information for a variety on European countries.  The list is growing all the time.  If you want to suggest a link or recommend information for a countries - click here to tell us!

bulletWestern Europe bulletCentral and Eastern Europe bulletIndividual European Countries  bulletAustria bulletBelarus bulletBelgium bulletBulgaria bulletCzech bulletDenmark bulletFinland bulletFrance  bulletGermany  bulletGreat Britain (United Kingdom) bulletHungary bulletIreland bulletItaly bulletNetherlands bulletNorway bulletPoland bulletRomania bulletRussia bulletSlovakia bulletSlovenia bulletSpain bulletSweden bulletSwitzerland bulletUkraine horizontal rule


bullet Global nature conservation legislation (from European Centre for Nature Conservation) bullet Guide to European Union Law Materials (from U. Sheffield) bullet Europa (WWW server run by European Commission) bullet European Distance-Learning Course in Environmental Law


bullet Central European Environmental Data Request Facility is a repository of environmental data on central and eastern Europe with the purpose of promoting data exchanges. CEDAR acts as a host for a consortium of information providers.  bullet Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe was jointly established by the U.S., European Commission and Hungary to help NGO’s, governments, and businesses through grants and informational exchanges to implement projects and strengthen institutional development in central and eastern Europe. Beneficiaries include Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.  bulletThe UNEP/GRID State of the Environment Reports provide information on a wide variety of country-specific environmental issues. UNEP has produced a series of reports, mostly on eastern European nations and former Soviet republics.  bullet Public Interest Law in Post-Communist States bullet 1996 Symposium On Public Interest Law In Eastern Europe And Russia, COLPI bullet C.E. European Environmental Legislation (REC, 1996) bullet Strategic Environmental Issues in C.E. Europe (REC, 1994) bullet Some NGO and government contacts, from European Center for Nature Conservation bullet Central Europe contacts, incl. EcoDirectory (CEDAR) bullet Central, Eastern Europe NGO contacts (search), Regional Environmental Center for CEE horizontal rule

European Countries


bullet Selected Environmental Laws from Austria (English, Deutsch, Francais)
(Bundesministerium für Umwelt) bullet Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency (German and English)) bullet Federal Environment Agency bullet International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) bullet

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bullet International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology


bullet Arachnology bullet Freshwater Biology -The Chironomid



about Bulgaria

bullet Albena Simeonova, 1996 Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Europe
bulletGreen Justice
bullet Gutting of EIA Law (Water under the Bridge?)
bullet Environmental Problems in Bulgaria
bullet Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria
bullet Another version, Constitution of Bulgaria (from Hamburg)
bullet Frequently Asked Questions
bullet Environment and Public Participation, Bulgaria (Stec, REC, 1994)
bullet Status of Public Participation in Bulgaria (Environmental) (Kodjabashev, REC, 1995)


bullet Czech Ministry of Environment bullet Czech Legislative Regulations (laws, decrees) for Environment (poorly formatted) bullet Zakony o zivotnim prostredi v Ceske Republice (Ceska) (nicely formatted) bulletSame laws, in zipped format (big) (English, Czech) bullet Association for GeoEnvironmental Studies bullet Environment and Public Participation, Czech Republic (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Czech Republic (Environmental) (Kuzvart, REC, 1995) bullet


bullet Danish Lithosphere Center bullet Environment bullet European Environment Agency bullet European Environment Library Network bullet European Environmental Agency bullet GSF Research Center bullet List of Textbooks in Ecological Modelling bullet National Environmental Research Institute


bullet Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources bullet European Forest Institute bullet Finnish Forest Research Institute bullet Acta Forestalia Fennica bullet Geological Survey of Finland



bullet L'environnement (from French Environment Ministry) bullet French Legal Material (Argia, France) bullet List of WWW Sites of Interests to Ecologists bullet Marine Geosciences bullet Project Air (INRA)


bulletInstitute for Environmental Concerns (UfU) bullet Umweltrechtsdatenbank (Environmental Law Data Bank) (in German, from German Federal Environmental Agency (described only)). bullet Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung (environmental impact assessment law (im Deutsch)). bullet Deutsche Gesetze (general German law site (im Deutsch)). bullet Umweltschutz und Natur bulletFederal Clean Air, Water, and Waste Acts (im Deutsch) (gopher)
(Vermeidung und Entsorgung von Abf&aumlllen) bullet Roman Law (in Latin) bullet Roman law (en voce Latina) bullet Roman law (im Deutsch) bullet Ecological Modelling bullet Environment Research Information System bullet Gaia E.V. bullet MPI - Biochemie, Martinsried: Cell Biochemistry, Valet bullet Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research bullet Constitutional and federal Supreme Court decision abstracts (in English) or im Deutsch bullet


bullet Environmental Management and Law Association bullet Hungary and Environment bullet Environment and Public Participation, Hungary (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Hungary (Environmental) (Fulop, REC, 1995) bullet MTA SZTAKI bullet


bullet Irish Law Page


bullet Leggi Ambientali / Italian Environmental Law (en Italiano) bullet Legal Information from Italy via Internet (Istituto per la Documentazione Giuridica). bullet Italian Law on the Web bullet Marine Environment Unit Homepage bullet Informatics and Environmental Law (same; includes Medici environ. law, 1485-1737, in Italian!) bullet Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei is a research foundation promoting interaction between academic, industrial and public policy players on energy and environmental issues. FEEM’s site makes available numerous working papers, newsletters, and annual reports. There is also a library with on-line public access.  bullet


bulletStichting Natuur en Melieu bullet Elsevier Science publishes and disseminates a wide range of scientific literature including a section on environmental science and technology. Publications on technology, regulation, waste minimization, toxicology, ecology and conservation can be found. One recent journal addition is Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions which addresses the human ecological and public policy dimensions of environmental processes that threaten the sustainability of life. The journal emphasizes human contributions to worldwide environmental changes and explores the diversity of responses to impacts of global change. bullet Canopy Research Station Selvatica bullet Environment Information on the Internet bullet European Center for Nature Conservation



bullet Conservation of Arctic Flora & Fauna bullet Ministry of Environment bullet State of the Environment



bullet Polish Environmental Law Association bullet Polish Ecological Club bullet Environmental Policy (from Resource Renewal Institute/Green Plan Center/Env. Atlas) bullet Policy Instruments (Environmental Legislation, from RRI Environmental Atlas) bullet Environment and Public Participation, Poland (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Poland (Environmental) (Jendroska, Jerzmanski, REC, 1995) bullet Poland: Policy Instruments (description of environmental laws) bulletIndex to Polish Envir. Laws, Regulations (English; lists, not full text) bullet Polish Constitution bullet Poland Multi-Media Servers


bullet Constitution of Romania (from government) bullet US Constitution's Bill of Rights, translated into Romanian bullet Environment and Public Participation, Romania (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Romania (Environmental) (Bartha, REC, 1995) bullet


Center for Environmental Public Advocacy

bullet Constitution of the Slovak Republic (103k) bullet Constitutional Court of Slovakia bullet Environment and Public Participation, Slovakia (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Slovakia (Environmental) (Belcakova, REC, 1995) bullet ENGLISH-SLOVAK Dictionary (with sound files)


bullet Environmental Laws in Slovenia/Pravna Posvetovalnica (in Slovenian) bullet Environment and Public Participation, Slovenia (Stec, REC, 1994) bullet Status of Public Participation in Slovenia (Environmental) (Mirkovic, Klemenc, REC, 1995) bullet ECOLAB/LABECO - Center Za Ekoloska Raziskovanja bullet Slovenia Constitutional Court bullet Legal Information Center of the Constitutional Court bullet Constitution of Slovenia bullet Kazalo Zakonadaje/Slovene Legislation (in Slovenian) bullet SLOVENIAN language bullet ENGLISH-SLOVENE dictionary


bullet Database of Spanish Law (en el español)


bullet Baltic Sea Environment bullet Environmental Ethics bullet Environment Group 1 bullet Environmental Sites on the Internet bullet Forestry Research Institute of Sweden bullet Museum of Natural History bullet Radioecology bullet Tjarno Marine Biological Laboratory bullet Youth and Environment Europe


bullet CERN WWW materials bullet Eco Physics, Inc bullet Global Terrestrial Observation System bullet Natural History Museum bullet Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research


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