US EPA Monthly RCRA / Superfund Hotline Reports - Available Free

Monthly US EPA 
RCRA / Superfund / EPCRA Hotline Reports

These are reports tabulated from the calls to the US EPA's RCRA / Superfund / EPCRA hotline.  The hotline attempts to answers questions for business about hazardous waste (RCRA) and federally-mandated remediation (cleanups), also known as "Superfund. 

We say "attempts to" because, in our past experience, the hotline has been staffed entirely by a subcontractor who often used very young, inexperienced people to answer the phones.  The answers they gave seemed to be wrong as often as they were correct... a lot like the IRS hotline, if you remember how reliable THEY are!  And like the IRS Hotline, guess who's in trouble if they give you a wrong answer?  That's right, you are.

So what's the value of the reports?  Several things - 

The EPA does not release these immediately, so they usually run about 2 or 3 months behind.  For example, the April 2004 report was just released on June 28, 2004.

Monthly Call Center Reports

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